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The “What a Gold” Slot Review: Unveiling Riches in the Heart of Fortune

Administrator / February 5, 2024


Prepare for a glittering escapade into opulence with “What a Gold,” an exceptional slot game by Mystic Realms that unfolds its allure across five reels and 50 lustrous paylines. This game invites players into the world of glittering treasures and unimaginable riches, promising an extravagant experience with its lavish design and enthralling features.




Visuals and Theme:

“What a Gold” captivates players with a visually opulent design that befits its theme of wealth and luxury. The reels gleam with symbols representing wealth and prosperity, including golden coins, jewels, and decadent treasures. The game’s aesthetics transport players to a realm of lavish abundance, where every spin is a step closer to unlocking unparalleled riches.




Gameplay and Features:

Delve into the extravagant gameplay and glittering features that set “What a Gold” apart as a beacon of wealth and prosperity:


Recommended Configuration: Offering 50 lines and a 10-credit maximum bet, “What a Gold” provides players with a flexible configuration, allowing for strategic gameplay. The 500-credit max bet ensures an immersive and thrilling gaming experience, befitting the opulent theme.

Free Game Feature: Triggered by landing three or more scatter (free) symbols, the Free Game feature unfolds a dazzling adventure. Remarkably, this feature is retriggerable during Free Games, promising an extended stay in the world of opulence. The absence of the scatter (bonus) symbol during Free Games allows for focused multipliers, offering potential multipliers of up to 5x.

Bonus Game: “What a Gold” introduces an array of lavish bonus games, including Forbidden Formula Bonus, Secret Experiment I Bonus, Secret Experiment II Bonus, and Secret Experiment III Bonus. Each bonus game is an expedition into uncharted territories of wealth, promising extraordinary rewards and an indulgent gaming experience.

Available Cabinets: The game is accessible on LNK01 (22” Dual) and DEBLUCEAN S (32” Dual) cabinets, ensuring players can indulge in the opulence of “What a Gold” on their preferred platform.




Audio and Atmosphere:

The game’s soundtrack exudes luxury with orchestral arrangements and the tinkling of riches, creating an atmosphere resonant with the grandeur of opulence. Each spin is accompanied by sounds reminiscent of a treasure trove unlocking, enhancing the overall sense of indulgence.





Final Verdict:

“What a Gold” stands as a testament to Mystic Realms’ ability to create visually stunning games with engaging features. The slot effortlessly combines an opulent theme with a range of bonus games, promising players an immersive journey into the heart of fortune. With its recommended configuration, lavish bonus games, and a theme dripping with wealth, “What a Gold” invites players to bask in the grandeur of opulence and claim the extravagant rewards hidden within its gilded reels!


What a Gold





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